dun. dun. duhhhhhhh.

because people want to stir up drama, I have made a new blog. if you’re interested in having it please message me. I won’t give it out to anons. I get off of work in 3 hours so there’s that.


This could be us, but you playing.
Anonymous said: Why do you not use capital letters in your name and song titles? Is it just a stylistic thing or does it have a meaning?


it’s an ongoing protest against capitalism lmao wake up america 




"you are what you eat" i don’t remember eating a huge disappointment

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A L T E R N A T I V E ☠


do you ever get so disgusted with yourself, like you can not believe how stupid and thoughtless you are and it’s so frustrating because you keep telling yourself that you’ll do better next time but then next time rolls around and the same thing keeps happening and you end up in this pattern of mediocrity. 

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basically my whole life is a state of “I don’t know” and I’m about to have an anxiety attack.


was tryna take a selfie but ended up taking nudes instead

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